Preferences Window

In the preferences window, you can edit various aspects of the program behavior.

Preferences window

GPS longitude/latitude

This option describes which GPS coordinate format will be used to display coordinate data.

Exiftool autocorrections

Sometimes, the exif data in pictures can be invalid. Some small problems are corrected automatically, but for deeper problems, you have to either use one of the following options or you can, for example, eliminate the whole manufacturer specific section in order to repair the files. If this doesn’t help, you will need to use some more advanced techniques of exiftool.

Read this before you enable any of these options to know what you are doing

File create/modify time on saving

Updating exif create and modify timestamp draws a lot of confusion because it doesn’t affect file create/modify dates. So, when you have a look at the file dates in Finder, you will see dates of the file, not what is in the exif data.

For this reason Exif Editor introduced in 1.1 option that it can change file create/modify dates according to the exif “Create date” and “Modify date” fields. If you don’t set exif create/modify dates, Exif Editor will keep the current date of the file.

The other options are to keep the file’s current values and to set the modify time to the time of performing changes to the picture.

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