Exif Editor is a simple program with a simple workflow. The basic workflow was made to enabled editing multiple files at first and save all the changes at the end when you are done with editing. The basic steps are those:

Let’s examine each step further.

Opening files in Exif Editor

You can open multi files at once. There is couple ways how to do it.

After opening the files, you will be able to see the files on the left side of the window. Please, note that if there is some problem with loading the files, Exif Editor simply doesn’t show the file.

Edit tags in one or more files

By selecting some file, you can edit its tag’s values. The values can be found on the right side of the window, and they will reflect the currently selected file.

When you edit the value, the text describing the value meaning will appear in the bold font, so you can easily distinguish changed and original values. Also, another sign that there was something changed is a gray dot in the file list on the right side of the picture preview.

As said before, Exif Editor allows you to have multiple files open. And you can also edit them at once by selecting them. The right side where are the tags for editing will change its content to allow changing the tag values in multiple files at once. When you have multiple values in some tag, “Multiple values” text will appear. Unless you change it, the values of each file is not touched at all.

Saving the changes

You can save the changes by pressing “Process” button. All changes in all changed files will be processed at once. If you are editing a lot of bigger files, it might take some time to complete.

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