Introducing Exif Editor

Editor for your image metadata

Exif Editor is your preferred program to edit image EXIF and IPTC metadata on the Mac.
The easiest and the simplest way.
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A very brief introduction of the program

Typical problems that the program solves

  • Modifying author’s name and copyright
  • Changing location of the photo you shot
  • Correcting time the photo was shot
  • Viewing and editing camera settings
  • Removing camera, author or software information
  • Adding information about scanned analog photos

Basic features

  • Manage and modify metadata directly inside your photos.
  • Supports subset of EXIF and IPTC metadata standards.
  • Edit or remove the data.

Easy workflow
Simplify way you work

The workflow is very straightforward. You just perform couple of easy steps to make your work done.

Open files

The first step is opening file(s) you want to edit. You can use the standard open dialog or drag and drop the files into the main window. Once the files are opened, they appear in the list of open files on left side of the window.

Make changes

The next step is to make the changes to your files. Just select one or more files you want to edit and make the changes in the data on the right side.

Save the changes

The last step is to hit the “Process” button that automatically processes all changes at once.

Advanced workflow

Edit many files at once

By editing multiple files at once, you can greatly simplify your workflow. You don’t need to edit single files one after another anymore. Just simply select all files you want to edit and change the individual tags.

Save many files at once

Because saving files is usually not the fastest thing you can perform, the program saves all edits at once.

Remove metadata

You can remove either all metadata from the pictures or you can clear the tags individually. This allows you, for example, remove all location information from the images.

Edit the data

Edit the way you like

Exif Editor has a number of handy editors for various types of data. This allows you to comfortably edit tags.

Select one of available options

Some options can be filled with a selected number of options. You can choose one of them.

Edit date/time

Custom date/time editor allows you to edit either fixed date/time or shift the date/time by a specific amount of hours/minutes/days to adjust correct invalid camera settings.

GPS & map

You can use a map window to see position of your photo(s) on the map. You can also edit the position on the map simply by dragging the red pin on the map.

GPS editors

Besides the map, you can also view the exact GPS numerical values. This can allow you, for example, to copy and paste the coordinates to maps in your browser.

Supported formats

Exif Editor has supports the following various file formats – including JPG and various RAW.

Various RAW formats ARW









Widely used formats JPG




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